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Devon Attractions

In and around Devon you'll find plenty of attractions on offer - depending on your taste from Newton Abbot Racecourse the leading summer racecourse in the UK, to Tiverton Castle, originally built in 1106 by Richard de Redvers on orders of Henry I. Devon has a lot to offer.

Newton Abbot Racecourse

Newton Abbot Racecourse

Newton Abbot Racecourse is the leading summer racecourse in the UK. It is therefore a showcase for the industry and aims to provide quality competitive National Hunt racing to a wide audience drawn from both the general public and from the corporate sector. It also aims to provide an efficient and attractive setting for non-racing activities that generate income and activities and acts as a means of promoting the site and the industry as an increasingly attractive target for sponsors. In short Newton Abbot aims to be the venue of choice for all our customers, racing and non-racing alike. Other activities which take place at the racecourse include: Car Boot sales, Antiques Fairs and Greyhound racing. Site hire for conferencing and seminars is also available.

Hotels near Newton Abbot Racecourse
Thornhill Hotel3 starfrom £38.00
Avron House from £44.00
Kethla House Hotel4 starfrom £35.00
The coach house from £58.50
Lulu's Fawlty Towers Hotel4 starfrom £50.00
Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo

Visitors can cover thousands of miles in just a few hours and on foot, on a world-wide nature trail at Paignton Zoo. Scorching deserts, frozen poles, African Savannah and the rain forests of South America are all represented. Set in 75 spectacular acres it's a great day out for all the family and an exciting opportunity to find out about conservation and the world's endangered species. Explore six natural habitats from around the world The African Savannah is home to thousands of species. African elephant, zebras, black rhinos, ostriches and hornbills are some of the animals that can be seen at Paignton Zoo. Deserts are areas of very low rainfall and little surface water. There are a collection of desert birds and reptiles in the desert house, camels can also be seen in the Zoo. Wetlands are found where water meets land. At Paignton Zoo you can see flamingoes, cranes, storks and a variety of waterfowl. The Brook Side Aviary allows visitors to get close to birds and observe their natural behaviour. Forest once covered half of the world's land surface. This is the part of the Zoo where you can find tigers, lions, gorillas, orang-utans, gibbons, owls and much more.Tropical Forest ecosystems are characterised by heat and high rainfall, the most ancient and bio diverse in the world. The Zoo's huge hothouse features plants and over 20 species of reptiles from the world's tropical forest. Primley is the oldest part of the Zoo and houses plants and animals from many different habitats. These are just a few examples, red pandas, black apes, monkeys, tapirs, tortoises, kangaroos and birds.

Hotels near Paignton Zoo
Summerhill Hotel3 starfrom £49.00
Belle Dene Guest House4 starfrom £56.00
The Berry Hotel from £31.00
Cherwood Hotel from £30.00
Cliveden Guest House from £35.00

Tiverton Castle

Tiverton Castle

Few buildings evoke such an immediate feeling of history as Tiverton Castle, originally built in 1106 by Richard de Redvers on orders of Henry I. The de Redvers were the first Earls of Devon and when the line died out in 1293 they were succeeded as Earls by the Courtenays, who rebuilt and enlarged the Castle, and they regarded it as their "head and chief mansion". In 1495 Princess Katherine Plantagenet married William Courtenay, who became Earl of Devon. She died in 1527 and was buried in St. Peter's Church. Unfortunately for the Courtenays this royal marriage led to their eventual downfall in that turbulent age, and the senior line died out in 1556, and the Castle subsequently had various owners down the ages. During the English Civil War the Castle was besieged by Fairfax in 1645, and fell to him due to a lucky shot hitting a drawbridge chain. There is a fine collection of Civil War arms and armour, some pieces of which can be tried on. Nowadays the Castle is a peaceful, private house, and the buildings, furnishings and exhibits reflect the colourful history and development. With continuing conservation in the Castle and beautiful walled gardens there is always something new and interesting to see.

Hotels near Tiverton Castle
Angel Guesthouse from £55.00
The Twyford Inn from £50.00
Best Western Tiverton Hotel3 starfrom £121.50
Hartnoll Hotel from £500.00
Howden House Bed and Breakfast from £50.00

Other Attraction in Devon

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor - Rosemoor is now firmly established as a garden of National importance. Since it was gifted to the Society in 1988 by Lady Anne Berry an intensive programme of development has created a 65 acre garden of great variety and interest.
  • Babbacombe Model Village - Beautiful gardens, unforgettable views, amazing craftsmanship, no holiday to the West Country can be thought complete without visiting Babbacombe Model Village. Experience the sights and sounds of the English Countryside in perfect detail.
  • Docton Mill - Situated only 1,400 yards from the famous Spekes Mill Mouth Coastal Waterfall, the garden at Docton Mill was created in 1980 around the existing river, waterways, leats and ponds.